6 Great Tips to Speed up Your Slow iPad

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There are several important things that are very simple and that can help users preserve the life and speed of their iPad and enhance its performance yet many people ignore them. If you think your iPad is not performing as potently as it used to be when you first got it then consider the tips below.

Below is a set of tips  we collected from different sources online on how to speed up you iPad. Please check them out below and share them with your colleagues.

1- Fixing a Weak Wi-Fi Signal.
Trim the Spotlight Indexing.The indexing service is the last thing you need on iPad. Turning it off will slightly speed up the tablet and may prevent it from crashes:
  • Tap Settings.
  • On the Settings menu tap General.
  • On the General submenu tap Spotlight Search.
  • Either uncheck entirely all fields in Spotlight Search submenu or disable what you don't depend on.
  • Tap General to return back.
  • Return to Home screen by using five-fingers gesture.
2- Keep iOS Updated.
3- Check Your Apps Usage/Storage Space
4- Remove Unused Content – iBooks, Photos, Videos, Music, Messages
5- Clear Your Browser History
6-Shut Down Apps Running in the Background.