5 Steps to Create Stunning Slideshows with Audio Using YouTube

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Since  its last upgrade, YouTube has introduced a set of very important tools that are integrated within users accounts and are completely free to use. These tools are meant to enhance users productivity by giving them access to all the services they might need while working on their videos. These services range  from the ability to record a video using a computer camera to providing an advanced video editor where you can  merge, add transitions and different interactive elements before finally uploading the final product to your channel.

Using YouTube to create photo slideshow is quite easy and students will definitely love to work on it. Here is how to create your photo presentation peppered with music and different transitions.

1- First you need to be logged in to your YouTube account. Now click on " Upload"

2- Select " create " under photo slideshow

3- Select the photos for your slideshow. If you have them stored on your computer then simply click on " upload photos" or use the drag and drop option

4- You can always add more photos by clicking on " add more photos "

3- Click on " next " then choose from the featured tracks to use with your photos or you can search for other tracks using the search panel provided there. To add a track to your photo slideshow, just click on it and it will automatically be added.

5- Customize the timing of your slides by clicking on " slide duration", you can also select " slide effects" to use with your slide  and choose your preferred transition .

6- If you are satisfied with your work, click on " upload ' and your photo slideshow will be broadcast on your channel and ready to share with others.