3 Easy Ways to Create A Google Plus Hangout with Your Students

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The first way

1- Start a hangout
Click on " hangout party" on the bottom left of your Google Plus page then click on " start a hangout "

2- Post a hangout invitation
Provide the description of the hangout and type in the emails of your students or whomever you want to participate in your hangout.

3- Once the hangout invitation is sent, participants will need to click on the link to accept it and join in. Here is what you can do in the main hangout page :

A- Chat
Click on " chat " to activate group chat. A small box will open up on the right hand side of your screen where you can chat with participants.
B- Share Screen
You can share your screen with others by simply clicking on " Share screen". This is great if you are walking them through a tutorial process.
C- Google Effects
If you want to have some fun, you can use these effects, for instance , to put a silly hat on or wear a big mustache...etc
D- Watch YouTube together
To activate this service you need to click on " YouTube" button as shown in the screenshot below and then grant access to it. All participants will be able to see videos in your play lists and watch them together. You can even search for videos right from the search panel displayed on top of the screen.

The second way

You can also access Google Hangout right from YouTube provided you are already logged in. Just click on " Upload" and select " Google hangouts" and then go through the same process as explained above. What I like about Google hangout from YouTube is the fact that your hangout is automatically recorded and broadcast on your  YouTube channel.

The third way

This works for those of you who have already created Google Plus communities for their class. If you haven't and are interested in creating one, here is a step by step guide to help you out.
Head over to your Google Plus community page and click on the " hangout" icon and follow the same steps mentioned in the first way.