15+ Great Chrome Extensions for Teachers

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The thing about Chrome extensions is that  you need to be careful with the ones you install on your Chrome browser; some might cause loading time issues and others might cause the sudden crushes that Chrome is known for. Therefore, choose only the add-ons that you think can really be helpful to you and if it happened that you installed an extension and then later on realized that you don't use it at all, go to your Chrome settings and get it deleted. Another work-around for problems caused by installing too many extensions on your browser is to download the extensions you need and put them in 'disabled' mode, activate them only when you need them. Here is how to do it :

1- Click on customize button to open  the drop down menu

2- Click on Tools, then on extensions

3- Uncheck the " enable" button in front of the extension you want to disable . Chrome automatically saves your changes.

Now check out the list  of some great Chrome extensions created by Link Jake Duncan.