11 Steps to Create A Google Plus Community for your Class

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May 10, 2013
Here is a step by step guide to help you set up a Google Plus community. You can use this virtual environment as a collaborative space for your class where you can share resources and initiate discussions with and among students.

1-  Head over to your Google Plus 

On your Google Plus home page, click on " communities " in left hand side and then click on " create a community. "

2-  Private or Public

Now choose whether you want your community to be private ( only members you invite can join ) or public. 

If you set it for public , make sure to select the permission setting : 'no one can join' or  'yes a moderator needs to approve'

3- Name your community

Provide a name for your community then click on " create community "

4- Pick a photo for your community
Click on " pick a photo " as is shown in the screenshot below and download your photo

5- Write a tagline
Type in some descriptive words to tag you community

6- Write a description
Write a description about your community. Let others know what it is that you talk about in this community and invite them to share and join in the conversation

7- Add categories
Now start adding your categories. For instance, you can add a category for lesson plans, another one for tutorials, ....etc

Once you are done with your editing click on done. You can always re-edit your community features at any time you want by clicking on the action menu.

8- Invite people
With a single click you can start inviting students to join your community.

9- Start a hangout
You can use this feature to start a video hangout with your students or colleagues. 
10- Create an event
You can easily create an event to share with others by simply clicking on " create event " button. Provide the title of your event, the date, location , and details of your event. You can then invite your friends either through Google Plus or by sending them emails. You can also host your event on Google Hangout.

11- Sharing 
Use the sharing buttons to share links, photos, videos...etc.