The Modern Taxonomy Wheel

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Post updated in August 2022

The Bloom's Taxonomy wheel below is a graphic I created which visually captures the core elements of Bloom's Taxonomy (first inner ring) and the revised taxonomy (second ring). I also added a section featuring suggested tools teachers can use with students to develop thinking skills related to any given cognitive level (fourth ring).

Apart from the digital tools section, there is nothing original about this wheel. The design and the content were based on the sources listed at the bottom of this page. Check them out to learn more. I would also love to hear your feedback about this work: use @educatorstech (Twitter) or send me an email at

Do you want this graphic in a downloadable PDF format? Shoot me an email with the subject: 'Bloom's Taxonomy wheel visual'. Feel free to use the visual in your website or blog provided you credit this page as the source.