The Common Core Lesson Planner for iPad and Android

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The Common Core Lesson Planner is a must have app for teachers who want to utilize their Droid and/or iPad tablet into their daily routine.The Common Core Lesson Planner was created by a teacher for teachers to help make planning and assessing with the Common Core Standards more effective and efficient.

Features that have been developed are new ways for educators:
- to plan their days using Voice Recognition, ( no more writing,just speak your content into the app - Droid Only)
- view the Common Core standards they have taught and how often they have taught them throughout the year,
- to quickly score standards while being mobile in the classroom with tablet in hand
- to overall bring Education to a new level using better functional and accountable teaching practices.

Your Daily Lesson Plans At Your Fingertips

Never again try to filter through chicken scratch hand writing or write super small to fit in your lesson content into the tiny boxes. Type or speak your lesson (speaking is Droid only) plans into the application, and carry them around your classroom with ease on your iPad or Droid tablet.

One Touch Standards Based Grading

After selecting your standards for the day that you are teaching, select the Assess button. Type in the details of your assessment. .i.e. .. "Students will read 10 multi-syllable words." Then walk around the room and quickly assess students by touching Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue for Minimal, Basic, Proficient, and Advanced. Stars next to the standard show a class average of that assessment.

View Students Progress Per Standard

When it comes to report card time, nothing is worse than to spend hours sorting through scores and proficiency levels that were taught during the quarter. The CCLP app makes it easy to view every student and how well they have done on each standard over the last 10 assessments. Report cards will never be quicker.

The Standards and Standard Count In Plain View

Have you ever wondered if you have hit a Common Core State Standard enough times? Utilize the "Standards" tab to view the standards of the grade levels you teach as well as scan how many times you have put the standard into your lesson plans throughout the year.

Paper or PDF?

Sometimes you need to print plans for a substitute, or for a back folder. The CCLP App allows you to put in any email, select the week, and send/share a PDF of your weekly plans. Your plans will display the days of the week, the classes you teach, your lesson objective, lesson content, and the standards in a very readable format.

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