The 27 Characteristics of A 21st Century Teacher

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"21st Century Educator" is probably the most popular buzzword in today's education. There is a growing and heated debate whether or not to label educators as 21st century and each camp has its own concept and arguments, however, for me personally I see teaching in 21st century as having undergone a paradigmatic shift. This is basically due to the emerging of the " social web" and the huge embrace of technology and particularly the mobile gadgetry  in our classrooms. It would be unfair to ignore these huge transformations and their impact on education. Therefore, and as a result of these changes teachers now are required to have digital skills that were not called for before. It also becomes imperative for teachers to adapt their teaching practices to the developing learning needs of their students  if ever this teaching is to be effective.

Having said that,  we are  sharing with you  today this great infographic from Mia  featuring the 27 ways to be 21st century teacher.

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