Teacher's Basic Video Tutorials on How to Use Interactive Whiteboards

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According to Edutopia, there are several wasy to use Interactive White Boards in the classroom :
  • Digital storytelling.
  • Creating, viewing, and annotating student PowerPoint and multimedia presentations in real time.
  • Showing streamed or downloaded videos.
  • Using online map and satellite imagery to teach geography.
  • Displaying artwork or online museum presentations.
  • Demonstrating moviemaking techniques.
  • Viewing and analyzing competitive sports and physical education activities.
  • Teaching students how to conduct research on the Internet.
  • Working collaboratively on writing and editing exercises, math lessons, and science experiments.
  • Instructing the class on the use of a software program, keyboarding techniques, and other computer skills.
Here are the video tutorials from Cambridge:

1- What is a whiteboard

2- Setting up the mimio®

3- First steps

4- The toolbox

5- Working with images

6- Annotating images

7-Masking and zooming

8-Internet and images

9-Using interactive software