Rex- A Useful Dictionay and Thesaurus App for your iPad

Share this post: recently announced Thesaurus Rex. While it is currently only for iPhone and iPad, an online version is expected to launch soon. With this most recent app from, users have the ability to filter synonyms by relevance, complexity, and length. Additionally, for those interested in writing songs or poetry, the comprehensive rhyming dictionary allows users to sort synonyms by the exact number of syllables. Below is an excerpt from the press release that explains these features in more details.

  • · Relevance: rank synonyms and discover the “best match” based on how closely a term’s sense matches with the sense of the word you searched.
  • · Complexity: sort synonyms based on their difficulty, adjusting the filter to either simplify or peruse terms that are more difficult, unusual or complex.
  • · Length: filter synonyms based on character count – perfect for writing sparse advertising copy, lengthening an essay, or scaling to the specified length of any project.
  • · Favorites: create your own unique lists of favorite synonyms, so you don’t have to keep looking up the same word.
  • · Examples & Tips: avoid common mistakes with usage notes and example sentences. 
  • · Word Origin & History: access important context and background on the words you search.
  • · Rhymes & Syllables: enrich poetry and song lyrics with a comprehensive rhyming dictionary that allows you to sort by exact number of syllables.