Free iPad Templates from Templates Pages Pro

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Templates for Pages Pro is one of the great apps I have covered here in several posts in the past. It used to cost $4.99 and it is now free. For those not yet familiar with what this app is all about, Templates for Pages Pro is a productivity app that allows you  to expand the possibilities of Apple’s Pages app for iPhone and iPad by providing you with 222 professionally designed templates.

The main categories of the templates are : business, education and casual and of course in each category you will find numerous sub categories pertaining to different content areas ( like :  letterheads, resumes, invoices, brochures, business cards, essays, surveys, cards, checklists, invitations, flyers, and labels ). The process of importing templates from Templates Pages Pro to Pages is very simple: just look for the template you want and once you find it click on the share button in the top right corner and select "open in Pages". You will be automatically directed to Pages where the template will show up within seconds from its importation and there on Documents screen you can customize it the way you want. Needless to say that for you to work on Template Pages Pro you need to have the " Page app" already installed on your iPad. Watch the video below to see Templates Pages Pro in action