Digital Differentiation Tools for Teachers

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Digital differentiation is a new concept we learned from our colleague Susan Oxnevad. She did a really wonderful job crafting and designing the tools for digital differentiation which I am sharing with you below in the form of interactive images created using Thinglink.

What is digital differentiation
According to Susan, digital differentiation is all about designing and facilitating student driven learning experiences that are fuelled by standard based essential questions and powered by digital tools to provide students with flexible learning paths for success.

Why digital differentiation ?
  • Design student driven learning experiences
  • Provide flexible learning paths through multimedia
  • Develop 21st century skills
  • Provide and effective and efficient process for using tech as a tool for learning and not as an end product
The components of Digital differentiation are :
  1. Essential Questions
  2. Flexible learning paths
  3. Teacher as facilitator
Here are the interactive images Susan made on each of the three components mentioned above. Hover your mouse and click on elements of each image
Essential Questions

Teacher as facilitator