Create your Own Community of Learners Using Edshelf Groups

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We've been sitting in classrooms, shadowing district ICT/tech integrators and coordinators, watching teachers use edtech, running research surveys, and think we see some common patterns:

  • Many teachers feel they don't get enough technical support
  • Many teachers have cited that this profession can be a lonely one
  • Many teachers don't have time to go searching for technical solutions to every problem they encounter

With those in mind, we would like to introduce our latest feature: Groups!

Screenshot of new groups feature
As a member, you can create a new group, such as "High School English Teachers" or "ICT Professionals." Then others can join your group and start topics such as "Best apps for behavioral management," "What do I need to record video lessons?" or "How can I strengthen the wifi signal in my classroom?"

This is much like an online community or forum. It is meant to help you get qualitative information on education technology that a search on edshelf might not be able to answer. While we grow our database of websites, mobile apps, and desktop software, we know that sometimes the best sources of information are other educators like yourselves.

We only have barebones features right now. More will be added in the coming weeks.
What do you think? To start, introduce yourself to the rest of the community!