A Multimedia Storytelling Tool for Educators and Students

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Meograph is a multimedia storytelling tool for educators and students. Makes it easy to combine video/audio/pics/text/maps/timelines/links into contextualized, interactive stories. Teaches communication through storytelling, demonstrates mastery of content, and builds digital media skills. 1,500 schools around the world are using Meograph to teach lessons and assign engaging student projects.

There is also a very affordable premium license that teachers can purchase in order to better organize their classrooms, have more control over privacy settings, and have group pages where all the class's content is visible to the teacher and to one another. More info at Meograph

The most recent release is a new Search interface at . So far over 40,000 stories have been told, and now folks will be able to see all of them (including content created by other teachers and classrooms!). Unique features include automatic ranking of stories by quality/completeness, deep search into every sub-element of the story in a way that no other media can, and the ability to sort by relevance, popularity, and recentness.