A Great Collaborative Workspace for Students

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Writing research papers are a major pain point for most students. A free solution called LiveHive that launched just last month can help students organize their research into one comprehensive work space that can be accessed on any device with internet capability.

LiveHive is an online service that allows students to create visual and social workspaces with any type of file or document, including Google documents, desktop documents, webpages, videos, audio files and more along with associated team conversations. With LiveHive, students can compile their research, take notes, organize data, share information with classmates or teachers and more from their laptop, mobile phone or even tablet. LiveHive makes it easy for students to access the information even if they're on-the-go.

4 Ways LiveHive Makes Research Easy
  •  Capture online resources while doing research with the LiveHive extension. The last thing students want is to have a useful quote or piece of evidence for a paper, but with no idea where it came from. Add notes to saved webpages and anything saved to the students workspace.
  • Students will be able to know why this article was so important or they can remind themselves of the most important data.
  • Highlight quotes or important text. This saves students from the headache of digging through the research they had saved and draws their eyes right to where they need to be.
  • Students can save all cited sources to one workspace making a bibliography a snap to write.