8 Steps to Create Engaging Google Forms ( for Teachers )

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Today's tutorial is on the use of Google forms. By the end of this guide you will be able to :

  • Create a Google form with different questions
  • Customize your Google Forms using a plethora of templates
  • Share your Google forms 
  • Embed your Forms in your Blog or website

Step 1
Head over to your Google Docs and click on Create then on Form

Step 2
Give your form a title and a description

Step 3

Choose a background for your form to make it look cute. To do this click on " Theme " on the top bar as is displayed in the screenshot below. Choose among the themes there and  click on the one you want and then hit done

Step 4
Now you start filling up you form. Provide your questions

 and then choose  which type of questions you want to use. You can choose from :

Here is how each form looks like.

Multiple choice questions



Choose from a list


Paragraph text

Or just text

Step 5

Click on " Add Other " to add the option other to your questions. It will look like this

Step 6
If you want to add page break to your form so that students answer a set of questions on one page and then click on continue to answer the others here is how to do it : Click on " add items " located at the bottom of the page and add the forms you want .

Step 7
Customize the confirmation message by either :

  • Choosing link to submit another response
  • Publish and show a link to the results of this form
  • Allow responders to edit answers after responding

Step 8
To share your form you have three options :

  1. Share a direct link to your form with others
  2. Share your form on social media websites ( Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus)
  3. Share your form via email
  4. Or embed it in your classroom blog or website