4 YouTube Services Every Teacher Should Know about

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To access these features you need to be already logged in to YouTube and click on " Upload "button near the search box in YouTube homepage. Once you clicked on it you will get a window like this :

1- Webcam capture
This tool allows you to start recording you video using your computer camera. You do not need to install any video editing software because there is an option for editing  and it has sophisticated tools as well. Once the video is recorded you  upload it to your YouTube channel and share it with others. You can use this feature with your students to easily create and share videos.

2-Photo slideshow
Yes you can create your slideshows right from YouTube by clicking on this button. You can use pictures you have on your computer or upload them from the web. Either way you will have a set of different transitions to apply to your slides. You can also add music and text and when done you can upload it as a video to YouTube and share it with others

3- Google Hangout
This is one of the best features I really love about YouTube. You can use it to start broadcasting both on your Google Plus stream and on your YouTube channel. Ideal for holding online discussions and classes with students.

4- Video Editor
This editor allows you to edit your videos and customize them the way you want. As I said earlier it has several powerful editing features found only in paid web tools.