200+ iPad Apps for Autism

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Here is a resource of about 200 autism apps compiled and curated by the folks at iAutism for the The World Autism Awareness Day .These apps are organized into different categories and for each  category, there is an app table with the following columns:

  • App logo. 
  • iPad version data: app name, additional editions, and prices in dollars and euros.
  • iPhone / iPod touch version data. In case this app also supports the iPad, this cell and the previous one will be combined. (Keep in mind that iPhone apps can be used in an iPad using the “2x” display mode).
  • Double link to the iTunes webpage and to the App Store.
  • List of languages supported by the app.
  • Developer’s website.
  • A link to the review of the application published in iAutism, if it is already written (represented with the “TEST” logo).
  • A short description of the app. This is NOT meant to be a well-thought summary but only an indication of its functionality.