13 Digital Citizenship Terms Teachers Need to Know

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The boundaries between the virtual and real world are almost diminishing as more and more technology is being integrated into our lives. A quick glance at our students' lifestyles is enough to provide you with a clear picture of how digitally focused they are . As teachers entrusted with helping these digital natives flourish and thrive in friendly and healthy learning environments, we are also responsible for teaching them the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.We need to teach them the ethics of digital citizenry.

We are revisiting the topic of digital citizenship but this time adding new important things we have learned from the wonderful book " The Digital Diet: Today's Digital Tools in Small Bytes (The 21st Century Fluency Series) " . In particular , we will be proving you with a set of important terms you need to know as a teacher using technology with his/her students.

Digital Citizenship Terminology

"Flaming :
Is when a person publicly attacks or “outs” a person. This can often be a series of posts or comments using discussion boards and forums or chat rooms and instant messaging.

Discussion boards : 
These are a web space where users can post or write comments. These can be restricted only to members of the space of open to the public. Many discussion boards or forums are moderated.

This  is the process of providing comments or posts by a moderator. Once approved other users can see the comments or posts. "

 Check out the full list of digital citizenship terminology from this PDF. Enjoy