Two Excellent Tools to Create Stop Motion Animations for your Class

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Stop motion videos are usually enchanting because they’re so basic, the choppy movements are part of the appeal. But at its most wonderful, stop motion videos can bring sketches or toys or static objects to life. As a teacher you can use these videos for a variety of reasons. You can ,for instance, use them to explain a hard to grasp concept to your students or encourage your students to create stop motion movies of their own projects....etc. Here are two awesome  web tools you should definitely try when creating stop motion movies. Enjoy

This is a cool tool for creating stop motion animations. The process is very easy, just click on start and pick a background scene from the ones provided there, then drag your manikins wooden character into the scene. You can then choose to add other features like music and sound.

This is a great web tool for creating stop motion movies. It is pretty basic and above all is free of charge. Jelly Cam allows you to use either pictures you have on your computer or the ones you take via your webcam. It also lets you add sound and music to bring these pictures to life.