Teacher's Guide to Teaching Writing through Technology

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Tools to teach collaborative writing

Below are  some of the best web tools to teach writing as a collaborative process, one in which every student's voice is heard through composing, editing, peer commenting, and sharing.
This is another great web tool that you can use with your students while working on writing collaboratively. It is pretty much similar to Google Docs only with slight differences in the interface.

Titan Pad is a writing platform that allows users to collaboratively write and work on a document. It also has the same exciting features the two tools above have like: instant editing and sharing, 

Use Blogs to Improve your students writings

Blogs are intrinsically designed to encourage writing and that is the purpose for which they are created after all. Most of our students are already familiar with blogs so why not create a classroom blog and turn it into an online writing workshop for the whole class. Students can use it to post their stories, writing assignments. narratives, comments on school events, write poems and share them with others, and many more. Creating a blog for your classroom is as easy as pie and within a couple of minutes you can have it up and running. Here are some of the blogging platforms that you can use for this purpose.

Want to learn more about teaching writing digitally , here two awesome titles I recommend for you :