Semester Planner- Online Planner for Teachers and Students

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Guest Post

Semester Planner: Keep track of your classes, assignments and much more. Semester Planner is an online planner for students. It allows students who would like to move towards digital content to fully keep track of their work all in once place. This is a great tool for students who want to keep all of their classes, notes, assignments, and documents without having to dig through old closets to find previous notebooks.

Why should you use semester planner?

Semester Planner comes with many features that helps make students life easier. Some of those features include:
 • Taking notes directly into your planner
 • Adding assignments for specific classes
 • Connecting with others within your field of interest
 • Downloading or Sharing notes with friends
 • Keeps track of classes, notes, assignments and documents for each semester

How can I get started using Semester Planner?

Its as simple as one-two-three. First go to Semester Planner then click on the signup page. Once you have filled out the registration form you will be redirected to your planner dashboard, where you can create your very own semesters.

Last Thoughts?

If you’re looking for a place to keep all of your school assignments and notes then semester planner is the right place for you. Keeping track of classes, assignments, and notes are great, but what is even greater is the fact that you can connect with other students from your school or maybe from another institution. Semester Planner is a great tool that all students should utilize. So give it a try and get your very own planner.