8 Reasons Why you should Create A Blog for your Class

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1- Social Skills and confidence
Blogging enhances social-identity building. It is an ideal opportunity for those reluctant and shy students to practice some social skills  before transferring these learned skills to the real world. Blogging is a great starting point for such a practice.

2- Internet Safety
Learning by doing is  the best way to teach students . You preach hours and hours on what online safety is all about but that would never equal a hands-on activity in a simulated online environment where students see in action what online safety threats mean. Blogging enables students to experiment with the dangers of online safety and build better informed decisions on how to protect themselves while using the net.

What a boost blogging can be to your literacy teaching efforts. Using blogs students get to train and hone in their literacy skills , they can improve their writing through collaborative and peer editing. The more posts they read the better their reading comprehension becomes. It also enhances their engagement and contextualize their learning.

4- Home School Connection
Using blogging can bridge the gap in the home and school connection. Parents can easily get engaged in their kids learning by checking the classroom blog. They can also take part in the learning that is taking place in the classroom by providing their own comments and connecting with other students and teachers through the the class blog.

5- ICT skills
Blogging is a good way for teachers to develop their students technology skills. By encouraging students to contribute to the content of the blog using different media including text, hypermedia, images, videos, students will be practicing and learning ICT skills necessary for the 21st century world.