8 Great iPad Apps for Creating Stop Motion Videos

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1- Stop Motion Recorder

StopMotion Recorder is toy video camera enable you to make stunning stop motion video like claymation. And you can edit, share movie via Mail, 'Facebook', 'Twitter (Twitvid)', Twitter(yFrog) & 'Youtube' from your iPhone.

2- Animation Creator HD

Animation Creator HD allows your creativity to come to life on your iPad or iPad Mini! You are the director. With simple, yet powerful drawing tools, color options, and easy to use frame management, you're only limited by your imagination! Your animations will look smooth and life-like with the high frame rate playback of Animation Creator HD.

3- FlipBook

FlipBook has everything you need to get started animating, from an eraser to onion skinning (which lets you see a faint image of the previous and next frames) to layered drawing. Load images from your photo library, including images taken with your iPhone's camera, and draw on top of them.

4- iMovie

Make beautiful HD movies anywhere with iMovie, the fast and fun moviemaking app that puts everything you need to tell your story at your fingertips. Browse and play projects in the Marquee view. Create Hollywood-style trailers or sophisticated home movies in minutes.* And share your finished projects with the world – right from iMovie.

5- My Stop Action

Your movies are made up of a series of photos - take each photo in turn, with a semi-transparent overlay (onion skin) of the previous frame to guide you. Alternatively, use the time lapse mode to capture a changing scene over time, or choose photos from your library.

6- Smoovie

The 'must have' app for making stop motion animations on iPad. Loved by families and educators around the world, Smoovie is the only stop motion animation app to combine precision editing and multiple scenes with instant playback

7- Draw and Show

Share your drawing talent in a whole new way with this art creation app. Draw, write, sketch, take notes, and create amazing videos. Share recorded videos with your friends!
8- Animation Creator

Animation Creator allows your creativity to come to life on your iPhone and iPod Touch. You are the director! With simple, yet powerful drawing tools such as brush styles, color palettes and sliders, layers, shake to undo, and easy to use frame management, there's no limits holding back your imagination! Your animations will look smooth and professional when played back at Animation Creator's life-like high film speed Frame Rate*!