62 Interesting Ways to Integrate iPad in your Classroom

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iPad is making huge inroads in education with more and more school districts embracing it as a learning and teaching device. If it happens that you teach in one of these districts then you might have already experienced the usability of this device in instruction. It is true that we are still in the early stage of integrating iPad in education but reports coming from classrooms using it clearly demonstrate the benefits of this device as a teaching tool. What is obvious is that the star of iPad is raising and soon or later you will have to start thinking of giving it a room in your instructional toolbox in case you haven't already done so.
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has two important sections to help you with your iPading : Teacher iPasd Apps and Teacher iPad Resources. Today we are sharing with you a great presentation on how to use iPad in your classroom . This presentation is created and shared by deang33Click HERE to view it.