50 Google Docs Tips Every Teacher should Know about

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We have been going through the archive I have compiled on Google Docs and we found these awesome  resources to share with you. These are basically tutorials and guides that will help you learn more about the secrets of Google Docs.

· Access your documents from anywhere
· Use Docs reference tools
· Save to different file types
· Use keyboard shortcuts
· Use templates
· Convert PDFs to images and text
· Create forms
· Autodetect links
· Adding video
· Insert photos with drag and drop
· Create graphs
· Look up live finance data
· Self-update spreadsheets
· Draw in Docs
· Insert facts
· Simply add equations
· Embed Docs anywhere
· Just share
· Turn it into a webpage
· Chat away
· Team up with anyone
· Share an entire folder
· Work on documents all at the same time
· Allow editing without signing in· Create your own shortcuts·
· Track visits
· Set notification rules
· Use Docs instead of emailing attachments
· Kick slackers off of a project
· Freeze to stop editing
· Revert back to old versions
· Save brainstorm notes for group projects.
· Use data validation
· Use color coding
· Clean up your main Google Docs page
· Insert a bookmark
· Create subfolders
· Get color coded