3 Awesome Facebook Templates for your Class

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One of the strategies to get students engaged and motivated to learn is to incorporate materials that they can identify with and use easily. Facebook templates meet this criteria and have proved to be a real success within different educational settings. Again the purpose is not Facebook per se but  to enhance students learning using templates that have the look and feel of this popular social networking site. There are a variety of ways to use these templates with your students: you can assign students to create profiles of historical figures adding pictures and biographical information in the different sections of the template . Some teachers  have their students pose as authors and/or historical characters and then create entries as if they were those figures. In a one-2-one environment students can work on them separately before they print and share them with the whole class. You can also print blank Facebook templates and hand them in to your students to hand-write them. Only your imagination limits what you can do with them. Here are some of the most popular Facebook templates available for free . Check them out below and if you know of any other similar resources , please share them with us in the comment form below. Enjoy

Post updated on March 2, 2015

1- Check this one on Google Docs. click HERE to download it and then you can customize it the way you want.

2- Click Here to download this Facebook template from Derrek

3- Use this template from  Read Write Think