Ways to Teach Using Infographics

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However, today I am sharing with you a great video by  Kathy Shrock on Infographics as creative assessments.
Here are some of the important ideas included in the video :

Why Infographics ?
  • To communicate a message
  • Present large amounts of data meaningfully
  • Reveal hidden data for the viewe

What types can students create ?
  •  Statistical infographics
  •  Timeline infographics
  • Informational Infographics
  • Process Information
  • Gameboard metaphor
  • Personal preference

What are the steps ?
  • Select a layer-based image
  • Have students investigate types of visuals
  • Conduct research
  • Have students create a rough draft
  • Teach students about creative commons
  • Have students gather and create assets
  • Teach students about the use of color
  • Teach students about the use of fonts
  • Teach students about layouts
  • Teach students an organizational model
Here is the video , click to watch.