An Awesome Innovation Mindmap for Teachers

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Two of the essential characteristics of the 21st century teacher are adaptability and innovation. By adaptability I mean the ability to adapt your teaching methods to the  new and emerging learning needs in the different learning environments. As for innovation it is tightly related to creativity. An innovative teacher is one who is able to constantly come up with new ideas and insights as to how to render his/her teaching more engaging and goal-oriented.

I believe that these two traits are the key to a successful and restful teaching.  I said restful because when you succeed in getting your students on-task  and focused and when the learning content and activities they are exposed to are engaging, chances are disruptive behaviour and misdemeanour will likely be reduced by 90 per cent and as the saying goes" idle hands are the devil's ".

Here are some  awesome resources to share with you on the topic of innovation. One is a short video that talks about the difference between  innovative and non-innovative teacher and the second is an innovation mindmap.

Innovation Mindmap

Click here to access the full visual. Courtesy of Jamie