8 Great Avatar Creation Tools for Teachers

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 Here are some of the best web tools to create avatars :

1- Voki

This is a web tool that allows you to easily create speaking characters and customize them the way you want before sharing them with others

2- Build your wild self

This web tool allows you to first design a human figure then add animal parts to it before you go wild. It is so much fun for kids

3- DoppelMe

DoppleMe is a cool tool that students can use to create avatars to use in the virtual world

4- Frenzoo

This is another cool tool to use to create avatars. It provides different styles and backgrounds

5- Gavatar

As its name indicates this platform lets you create avatars to use in blogs, and forums. It requires a sign up

6- Clay Yourself

This is an awesome tool for students to use to create clay versions of themselves.

7- Toy Creator

Toy Creator is a tool to create toys and use them in other websites as avatars

8- Wimpy Yourself
This tool is similar to Clay yourself except it allows you create wimpy versions of yourself and not clay ones