10 Excellent Communities for Book Lovers

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The websites below are great for those who are looking for some suggestions on what to read, reviews of what other people have read, sharing with others interesting titles, and getting to know and meet other bookish people.

1- Good Reads

This is my favourite book community. I use it to share books I read and tracks books my friends read as well. You can also share rate books and provide reviews, It is really a great platform for book lovers.

2- Online Book Club

This is a book community offers those people who love to read a wide range of book reviews and book recommendations. Also, we have many interactive discussions and polls about books. At this book club you can find information and discussions about classic books as well as new releases, both in the old solid form and the relatively new eBook form (electronic book). Happy reading!

3- Library Thing

LibraryThing is an online service to help people catalogue their books easily. You can access your catalogue from anywhere—even on your mobile phone. Because everyone catalogues together, LibraryThing also connects people with the same books, comes up with suggestions for what to read next, and so forth.

4- Nothing Binding

Specially designed as the Leading Global Social Networking Site for writers, authors, readers and book buyers, Nothing Binding unites these groups everywhere around the world. When you join, You can promote your books; connect with fellow writers and authors, hungry readers and book buyers; and discover great new writing. No fees, costs or charges.

5- Readers Place

This is online book club community! Engage with book clubs and authors via a range of features: You can set up your individual book club profile, rate & review your favourite titles and add pictures & videos of your reading group discussions.

6- Red Room

Red Room is a community founded around the idea that writing transforms individuals and sometimes whole societies—whether you’re a writer or a reader, you’re part of something special. It’s a platform built for the future of publishing, an ecosystem where you can have a home, find friends and colleagues, and participate in the marketplace.

7- Wattpad

Wattpad is the world's largest community for discovering and sharing stories. It's a new form of entertainment connecting readers and writers through storytelling, and best of all, it's entirely free. 

8- Authors Den

Authors can reach many readers by sharing their bio, books, blogs, events, stories, articles, poetry, newsletters, videos and link to other websites.  Readers can discover, interact, track and enjoy!

9- Shelfari

Shelfari introduces readers to a global community of book lovers and encourages them to share their literary inclinations and passions with peers, friends, and total strangers (for now). Shelfari is a gathering place for authors, aspiring authors, publishers, and readers, and has many tools and features to help these groups connect with each other in a fun and engaging way.

10- Booktagger

Each Booktagger profile is a graphical representation of your physical bookshelf on the internet. The bookshelf can then be shared with friends, family and others searching for the next good read.