You Can Now Work on Google Slides Offline

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This is a good piece of news for all Google Presentation users including myself. As I have always said in my previous posts, Google Presentation is really a powerful free web tool that most of us use to create slides. It is my first choice when it comes to creating slides for my students and although there are several other alternatives ( more than 20 tools ), Google Presentation remains of the best among them all. However, the feature that was missing from this service and which drove some people way  from it was that it did not offer users the possibility to work on their slides while offline, but this is all history now. Google has just added this offline service enabling users to create slides without the need for internet connection. You can now open your Google Presentation and start working on your slideshow and whenever you get online, the presentation you created will be automatically synced to your Google Presentation.

One of the tricks I used to do ( probably many of you used to do it as well ) to overcome this problem of internet connection was downloading my slides into a PDF format. Because sometimes you would create a slideshow home and when you take it to school to play it, say in the classroom , you get disappointed when you find out that there is no internet connection, the PDF format is there for back up but now with this new update, you don't have to even download it into PDF, you can access your slides  without having to be online.

Check these instructions to learn how to use Google Presentation offline. Google has also improved its Image search engine, to learn more about this check this post.