Wiziq Announced Great New Collaborative Features

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WizIQ ( official sponsor of Educational Technology and Mobile Learning ) today announced Course Feed feature that enables students and teachers to easily interact with each other, share ideas, work collaboratively and extend each other’s thinking in written dialog whenever it is convenient for them. The site wants this feature to work like online discussion forum enhancing student to teacher and student to student interactions. The feature even makes asynchronous group based learning simple to facilitate and participate. Links can be shared, information can be requested and opinions can be debated, all in one easily accessible location.

The release also announces one-step course creation process. Teachers just need a Course Title to get started. Additional information can be added later.

Using the Course Feed feature, teachers can:

  • Challenge: Teachers can engage students in constructive arguments so that the class can work together toward a richer understanding of the subject.
  • Clarify: Students can post questions about assignments or tests, so that they can be sure that they have a clear understanding of the instructor’s expectations.
  • Listen: Teachers can read and analyze the comments and replies to understand the participant’s issues, concerns, or suggestions.
  • Respond: Students can participate actively by replying to ongoing challenges or discussions.
  • Inform: Teachers and students can share logistical information, such as a change in a meeting time or assignment expectation. Participants can also inform each other of events or news stories that are relevant to the subject that they are studying.
  • Encourage: Students who need time to organize their thoughts can more easily participate when they have a convenient forum to voice their opinions.

About WizIQ

WizIQ  is a Chandigarh (Mohali), India-based company with an office in Boston, MA. WizIQ’s online learning and teaching platform connects educators and students through its WizIQ Virtual Classroom technology and courses, with nearly 2 million registered users. WizIQ's teaching tools work from a web browser, iPad App and now Android App. WizIQ’s tools are unique in that they are both personal enough for the individual tutor and scalable enough to meet the needs of universities and major training and
teaching organizations.