What Teachers Need to Know about Creative Commons

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Some of the digital elements our students  use so often are photos and images. They include them in their blog posts and wikis and some even share them on popular social networking sites like Facebook. As a rule of thumb the first resource they have recourse to when looking for such images is image search engines like Google Image. But do they know that images are not created from the void and that they have their owners and therefore some reserved rights as to the republication of their images ? Do they know that there is something called Creative Commons which regulate the use and re-diffusion of copyrighted materials online ? These and many other questions , should in fact be clearly tackled with students.

Our learners need to know the rules regulating the use of copyrighted materials and there is nowhere else better than Creative Commons to do that . In this regard, We are sharing with you a video explaining what CC is all about and we are also including a great graphic on CC from Technology Enhanced Learning Blog. Enjoy

1- Creative Commons Explained

1- Creative Commons graphic. Check out the full graphic from this page.

creative commons