Top 10 TED Talks that Freaked us out in 2012

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Throughout the entire 2012, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has been providing  its readers with the best talks featured on TED and it will continue to do so during this year as well. For now, let us have a  look back at TED videos that freaked us out. This is basically a list of 11 TED videos that the folks at TED have curated and labelled " 11 videos that freaked us out in 2012.

1- Let's Prepare for our new climate

2- A Vision of Crimes in The Future

3- Half A Million Secrets

4- Photos that Bear Witness to Modern Slavery

5- Your Phone Company is Watching

6- Connected but Alone

7- Nine Biggest Weather Disasters in The Next 30 Years

8- Terrorism is A Failed Brand

9- How to Fool GPS

10- This Strange Politics of Disgust