Must Have Life-long Learning Tools and Strategies for Teachers

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1- Harvard Education

We cant start this list without Harvard Education being on the top of it. Harvard alone speaks volume for itself and this is a website where you can have access to the recent articles, books, and many other educational material written by the best educators in the world.

2- Scientific American

 This is a resource you should not miss at all, Scientific American will keep you abreast of the latest trending researches in all domains.

3- ZDNET Education

This is an annex to the popular ZDNET website. I find it very useful in providing high quality educational content together with educational technology tips and tools.

4- New York Times Education
The Education section in New York Times is a place full of great articles on education. It also features some of the recent researches in this field. You will definitely love it.

5- Scholastic Administrator

Scholastic Administer features a variety of educational content ranging from educational researches to professional development and curriculum content.

6- CNN Tech
The Tech section in CNN website is one of my favorite resources where I read about the latest news and tips in the world of technology and educational technology in particular

7-Eurek Alert

This is one of the best websites that provides you with the most recent researches in every field and as soon as they are published. It is amazing , I love it.

8- The Guardian Teacher Network

Teacher Network is a page featured in the popular newspaper The Gaurdian where you can have access to a plethora of articles on the 21st century learning and education .

9- Education Week

This is another great resource for staying up to date about the trending topics in the field of education.

10- eSchool News

Besides featuring great educational researches, eSchool News connects you to all the latest news, information, and resources on how today's educators are using technology to advance learning.