5 New Useful Grading Tools for Teachers

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In today's post , Educational Technology and Mobile Learning you with some new grading tools that we have not covered in Teachers Best Web Tools. Check them out  below and share with us what you think about them.

If you have iPad and want some grading apps to use on it , check this list of some of the best iPad grading apps.

1- SaGrader

SAGrader makes it easy to engage students with knowledge-based writing exercises in high school and college courses like biology, business, psychology, and history.

2- Grade Mark

Grade Anywhere™ with paperless grading! GradeMark saves instructors time and provides richer feedback to students by enabling editorial highlights, custom comments, and QuickMark® editing marks directly on student papers.

3- Writing Roadmap

Writing Roadmap™ is an online writing tool that provides an effective way for students to practice and improve their writing and for teachers to measure and track writing proficiency for students in Grades 3–12.

4- Crease

Crease provides immediate, accurate, and low-cost scoring of short-answer and essay items. It is a highly reliable and cost-effective alternative to handscoring student responses and is currently deployed in both classroom and summative assessment environments

5- LightSide

LightSIDE is a free and open-source software package developed at Carnegie Mellon University. This program is designed as a tool for non-experts to quickly utilize text mining technology for a variety of purposes, including essay assessment. LightSIDE incorporates numerous options for extending its data representation, machine learning, or visualization capabilities through plugins.