This is How to Teach Collaborative Writing Using Google Docs

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One of the best parts about Google Docs is that it is free. It has all the things you will need in order to build and administer an interactive lesson for free. I am  a huge fan of this service and I have posted several articles on the use of Google Docs from Teachers Guide on The Use of Google Presentations to The Simple and Quick Guide on Google Sheets in Education.The purpose behind these posts is to empower my fellow teachers and educators with the tips and knowledge they might need in order  to tap into the real potential of Google Docs in education.

Today I am sharing with you a great way to use Google Docs to teach writing  ( video below ). In fact it is not only about teaching writing but teaching collaborative writing. You will get to see how students can work collaboratively in drafting their writings by using the free features Google Docs provides for them. You will also see how the teacher can monitor what the students do and how she offers help and feedback to her learners  using Google Docs. Watch the video below to see how you yourself can teach writing collaboratively to your students using Google Docs. Click on the picture to access  the video.  Enjoy