Great Resources and Tools for Teaching Using Comic Strips

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The use of cartoons in your teaching has several advantages : they give life to those boring and mal-crafted lesson plans, they promote students engagement, they improve students learning, they prolong students attention span, and they also enhance students communicative and linguistic  competences. But when it comes to looking for the educational cartoons and comics to use in the classroom , teachers feel stalled because of the paucity of resources. This is no longer the case, with the list below, you can have free access to dozens of cartoons created specifically to serve teachers needs. We have also provided some web tools in case you want to create your own cartoons.

1- Cartoon Resources 

1-  Cagle Cartoons
This is a great resource for cartoons about education. I really love the work this guy does in this website .

2- Teaching with Cartoons
Teaching with Cartoons is like a directory packed full of educational cartoon resources. You can find links to lesson plans using cartoons, materials and many more

3- Today's Cartoon
This is another awesome resource of educational cartoons for teachers. The cartoons are copyrighted and  you need a prior permission to use them.

4- Andertoons

This is one of the most popular cartoon resource in the educational arena. I have shared some of their cartoons before.

5- Cartoons for The Classroom
This website offers teachers lesson plans based on specific cartoons that can be filled in and printed.

6- ABC Tooner
This is a resource of comic strips for kids. It has cartoons for kids of all ages.

7- Teacher First Comic 
This website offers several tips and resources on teaching using comic strips and cartoons

8- Flummery
This page has links to some great resources on teaching using comics. It also has links to lesson plans and classroom activities using cartoons.

2- Cartoon Creation Tools

1- Witty Comics

This is a great web tool that allows you to create your own comics using some pre drawn characters , backgrounds and dialogue boxes.

2- Comic Creator

Comic Creator is a service provided by the popular Read Write Think website. It is structured in such a way that you only provide the input and then generate comics.


This is another great tool which students can use to create comic strips. What is really cool about this tool is that it allows for collaborative cartoon creation and when  using Team Comics, this can be done in the same time.

4- Make Belief Comics

This one is similar to Witty Comics. It provides dialogue boxes and pre made characters and backgrounds and all you have to do is fill in what your cartoon will be about before generating it and even sharing it with others.

5- Strip Generator 

Strip Generator allows you to easily draw your comic strips using characters and objects provided in their library.

6- Chogger

Chogger has a comic builder that lets you draw your own comics, caption photos, take webcam pictures and add speech balloons.