Awesome Tools to Create Digital Magazines for your Class

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A couple of weeks ago Educational Technology and Mobile Learning  posted 9 Tools to Create eMagazines and Newspapers for your Class and today we are adding three more tools to this list. Similar to the web services mentioned in the previous post, the ones included below will also allow you to create some awesome magazine like pages for your class. They are fairly simple to use and have user friendly interfaces.

1- Glossy

Glossy is a new web service that allows you to create your own digital magazines .These magazines can include video, text, images, and audio. You will also be able to embed your generated magazines into your blog or website.

2- Zeen

Zeen is another cool website that you can use to create visually attractive magazines for your class. It is free and allows you to pull photos from Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, and videos from  YouTube to integrate them into your your multi-page magazine.

3- Glogster Edu

This is one of the most popular websites where teachers and students can get to create Glogs which are online media posters.It also provides users with creative and fun ways to introduce any curriculum topic or lesson in a new and customized way.