A great Resource on Bloom's Taxonomy Apps for Teachers

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Hot Apps for HOTS is a great interactive eBook provided for free on iTunes app store. This eBook contains apps that cover each level of Bloom's Taxonomy from remembering to creating.We have talked alot about Blooms Taxonomy here  in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning and we have some published some  posts about it  that became very popular online. You can check these links to learn more about Blooms Taxonomy.

1- Bloom's Taxonomy The 21st Century Version

2- Bloom's Taxonomy Posters to Use in your Classroom

3- Blooms Taxonomy for iPad

4- Blooms Taxonomy Apps for Android and Web2.0

Hot Apps for HOTS is a great addition to our resources on Blooms Taxonomy. To start using it you need first to download it from iTunes ( its free ) and you need to have an iOS of 4.3.3 or later. Here is  what Lisa Johnson ( its developer ) said about it :

In this interactive resource, readers will cycle through 9 stations focusing on each level of Bloom's Taxonomy (from remembering to creating). Each station will include an apptivity with a specific app, example products, and additional resources to support iPad integration in the iClassroom.