5 Great Web Tools for Sharing Large Files

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Check out this list of great web tools for large file sharing and let us know what you think about them.

1- Transfer Big Files

This web tool as its name indicates allows you to send large files very easily . You don't need to register to send files but unregistered members have only 5 days before theirs files expire.

2- File Dropper

This is another great web service to send large files ( up to 5 GB maximum ). It also does not require any registration. Just upload your file and share the generated link with whoever you want.

3- Let's Crate

Lets Crate lets you create your own crates where you can store your files and get a generated link to share with others. This service requires a sign up.

4-  We Transfer

We Transfer lets you send up to 2 GB of files for free and without any need for registration. It has a very easy and user friendly surface just upload the files and there you go.

5- Just Beam It

This is also very easy to use service. It works by just drag and drop and you can transfer files from your computer to anywhere else online .It also provides the old fashioned way of uploading files in case you opt for it.