10 Awesome iPad Accessories for Teachers

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Check out the list of accessories below and share with us your suggestions or additions .

1- Jambox

 " Apart from sounding great and looking good, they are extremely portable and play music via Bluetooth connections, so that all your devices (iPad or otherwise) can wirelessly connect..."

2- Apple TV

Any iOS device on the same Wi-Fi network can stream music, video or mirror the display entirely onto a television to share whatever content is on your iPad with friends and family.........."

3- Smartr Stand

it employs two custom designed plastic clips specially designed to avoid damaging your iPad screen. They sit on either side of the Smart Cover and slide along the edge, sitting over the folds in the polyurethane (or leather) to avoid letting them roll over as they normally would..."

4- Bookcase for iPad

The cases are all leather hardbacks and sophisticatedly hide your expensive tablet in what looks like an old, well-loved book. "

5- Compass for iPad

It’s made out of high-grade steel, so it can easily support your tablet without any risk of it falling over. It allows you to display your iPad vertically or horizontally, and it also lowers itself (like the Smart Cover) to become the perfect height for typing."

6- Hover Bar

allows you to clip your iPad to desktop monitors, dining room tables, office desks or kitchen counters. The iPad sits in the HoverBar and quite literally appears to hover while you work..."

7- Mophie Power Stand

The Mophie Powerstand is essentially a stand and workstation that doubles as a power station for your iPad..."

8- Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader

It makes it really easy to decide what kind of pictures to keep and what ones to delete. Also, the pictures will sync right back up with your computer next time you plug in your device..."

9- Bambo Stylus Solo

f you use your stylus a lot, you’re likely to eventually lose their tips, the Bamboo Stylus Solo is the only one with inexpensive replaceable tips..."

10- Wing Stand

It connects to the iPad and to the Bluetooth keyboard and allows you to instantly set up a highly portable and stylish workstation without any clutter..."

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