Top 10 Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Apps for iPad

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Below is a collection of some of the best apps for creating mind maps. The apps offer a wide variety of helpful features that make it easy to visually capture your ideas and thoughts into beautiful mind maps. These include the ability to add images, links, and icons to your mind maps, collaborate with friends in real time, numerous editing and customization options, and multiple ways to share your mind maps including as PDF or image.

As a teacher, you can leverage the power of mind mapping or concept mapping in your instruction and help improve students comprehension. There are various various ways to use mind maps in your classroom. For instance, you can use min use it to enhance the process of ideation especially in group work activities. You can also use it to brainstorm ideas for a topic or project, collect inspiration from students, explain complex and abstract topics, and many more.

Mind mapping apps

On their part, students can use mind maps to structure and organize their thoughts, record and share study notes, plan for classroom projects, visualize learning, generate new ideas, write summaries, and many more. In short, mind maps are great learning tools that can help unleash students creativity and bring their ideas to life. 

For more resources check out the best mind mapping web tools and Android apps for teachers and students.


Lucidchart enables you to create beautiful mind maps on your iPad. The app offers real-time collaboration allowing you to invite collaborators to your visual workspace and work together on creating shared mind maps. You can design your mind map from scratch or use a pre-made template from Lucidchart's library. Besides mind maps, you can also use the app to visually capture complex ideas into diagrams (e.g., Venn, Network, BPMN, UML, ER, etc.), flowcharts, org charts, process maps, mockups, wireframes, among others. 

Other interesting features provided by Lucidchart include: an intuitive  canvas with a simple drag and drop functionality, import and edit existing documents, in-editor commenting, supports multiple integrations (e.g., Google Drive, Slack, G Suite, etc.), and more. Mind maps created in Lucidchart can be shared through email, generated link, or in the form of PDF, PNG, or Microsoft Visio.

2. XMind: Mind Mapping

XMind is another good mind mapping app to use on your iPad. You can create visually rich mind maps using text, shapes, stickers, images, audio notes, and more. The app's integrated Math Equation editor enables you to write mathematical expressions and chemical equations within your mind maps. The app supports two creative modes: a ZEN mode that provides you with a distraction free workspace to help your focus, and a Dark mode that works with iOS 13. 

XMind also allows you to open two files side by side and start editing and working on them in the same space. Use the Outliner tool to further organize and manage your mind maps. When your mind map is ready, you can choose among various sharing options including exporting your mind maps to PNG, PDF, and Markdown. 

3- Mind Mapping- MindMeister

MindMeister is a powerful mind map creation app to use on your iPad or any iOS device for that matter. If you use the web-based version of this app you will find the app very handy as it seamlessly syncs your created mind maps with your online account. Like the previous apps, MindMeister provides you with a wide variety of features enabling you to create beautiful mind maps. 

Mind mapping apps

For instance, you can easily add icons and map themes to your maps. Yo can draw connections among nodes, add different colours, add links and attachments to your ideas, insert images into your maps, and many more. The app also supports real-time collaboration letting you streamline brainstorming sessions with your collaborators and students. Created mind maps can be shared in PDF or PNG format, exported as MS Word and MS PowerPoint formats, or as zip file.

4- Mindly

Mindly provides you with a distraction-free visual workspace where you can create, edit, and share mind maps. You can add as many elements to your mind maps as you want with the ability to insert into any element: notes, images, icons, shapes, etc. You can also use color schemes and the visual clipboard to organize your content. There is the possibility to protect your mind maps with passcode/touch ID if you want more privacy. Mind maps created via Mindly can be exported in different formats including PDF and image. 

5- Mind Map Maker- Mindomo

Mindomo is another mind mapping app that offers real-time collaboration. The app also offers numerous features that make it easy for users to create visually rich mind maps. These include support for different layouts (e.g., circular, concept, org chart), the ability to insert images into maps, add icons and colors, insert styles and map themes, and many more. Mindomo also lets you turn your mind maps into interactive presentations. 


mind mapping apps

AYOA provides you with all the tools you need to design and share your mind maps. You can start with ready-made templates of various styles, add numerous levels of elements, copy and paste nodes into other mind maps, and when you final product is ready you can share it with your colleagues and friends. AYOA also supports offline work allowing you to create mind maps without the need for Internet connection but since this is a cloud-based platform you won't be able to sync your offline creations till you get back online.

I have been using Popplet for a number of years now I find it very helpful. Popplet lets you visually capture and organize your thoughts and ideas into  mind maps, diagrams, and process charts. You can also use it for collaborative brainstorming and project planning. Other interesting features provided by Popplet include: support of multiple languages, different customization options, capture notes through images and drawings, unlimited local boards, export as PDF or JPEG, and more.

SimpleMind is another good app for creating, editing, and sharing mind maps on the go. You can start with  pre-designed style sheets (there are over 15 pre-made sheets to choose from) or you can create your own sheets from scratch. Your mind maps can include images, notes, icons, emojis, voice memos, videos, hyperlinks, among others.

SimpleMind's free-form layout helps you place topics anywhere you want or you can use auto layouts for more options. You can even create more than a mind map on a single page. SimpleMind offers various sharing options including export as PDF or image, print, export to Reminders or Calendar, present your mind map in a slideshow.

9- Mind Vector

Mind Vector is a mind mapping app that provides a wide variety of interesting features including: the ability to copy and paste nodes from one map to the other, smart search for easy navigation, add materials to your maps (e.g., icons, colors, images, line styles, and map themes), import/export maps to cloud-based platforms such as iCloud and Dropbox, sync maps with online account, and more. Mind Vector also supports multiple languages including French, Italian, Dutch, German, Japanese, and more.

10- GitMind

GitMind offers over 100 built-in templates to get you started creating your mind maps. Simply select the one you like and click to customize its layout. You can edit and delete topics, expand and collapse branches, switch outline to mind map, apply various themes, undo and redo, and more. Your final mind map can be shared with others via email or through a generated link with a code. To learn more, check out this review I posted earlier on how to use GitMind to create mind maps.