Everything Teachers Need to Know about Google Presentation

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Just like the many tutorials we posted about Google Docs, we deemed it important that you have an easy, simple and well organized guide at your hands to have recourse to whenever you need to learn something new about Google Presentation. Our goal is to help you make your slide more engaging and visually appealing. We want you to give your presentation a professional touch, one that is very easy to apply. Give it a try and you will see by yourself. Browse through it, read its titles and identify the areas you need help in then click on the title and you will be directed to a Google page where you will read about it. All the links included in the guide below lead to tutorials made by Google engineers. Enjoy

  1. How to Create and Save a Presentation
  2. How to create a Presentation from a Template
  3. How to Upload a Presentation
  4. How to format Text and Objects
  5. How to Add a Theme of Background
  6. How to Add Transitions and Animations
  7. How to Add Colour to your Presentations
  8. How to Insert an Image
  9. How to Insert a Video
  10. How to Insert Shapes, Word Arts, and Tables
  11. How to Share your Presentations
  12. How to Embed your Presentations