5 Free Tools to Collect Student Feedback

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There are several free web tools that teachers can use to gather feedback from their students both formally and informally. You can also use these tools to poll your students about a learning event, assess their level of comprehension, or simply to get to know their opinions about a certain topic. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already posted a list of such tools last year but today we are updating this list deleting the ones that no longer work and including new ones .

Check out the list below and as usual share with us your suggestions or additions

1- Poll Everywhere

This is my favorite. It allows users to easily create polls and administer them to an audience ( students in our case ). It also has a mobile app that works on iPad.

2- Kwiqpoll

This is another polling service that you can use to create polls for your classroom. It is very simple and easy to use , just head over to its main page and start filling the boxes provided there.

3- TodaysMeet

This tool lets you maintain a back channel chat with your students. Students can use it to comment , ask questions , or post their  feedback about their learning in the class.

4- SimpleMeet Me

This is  an awesome web service that enables users to chat with others without having to install any software or even registering. You can use it with your students to gather feedback.

5- Utrack

This is a tool that you can use on your classroom blog or website to gather feedback from your students. It is very simple and has a user friendly interface. Students can use it to post their questions and comments online.