4 Android Bookmarking Androids

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1- Read Later for Instapaper

If you are an Instapaper user this is the app for you! You simply select a link from e-mails or websites and choose the "share"/"share link" option. The "Share via" list will now contain the "Post to Instapaper" function. Sharing can even be done through the built-in browser menu. 

2- InstFetch

This app also integrates with Instapaper and has several features such as :

 -save pages to Instapaper directly from your Android-powered device,
- synchronize with your Instapaper account and download full contents of web pages that you want to read later,
- have the best possible reading experience on your Android-powered device thanks to NReadability's awesome mobile transcoding engine,
- listen to your articles using Text-to-Speech technology,
- save articles to Evernote. 

3- PaperSpan

PaperSpan is an easy to use, free app to save web pages for reading later. Save pages from computer or phone's browser, and open them from either.
Useful for managing web links those you find worth to read, but sometime later.

4- Power Note

This is a great notebook tool to have on your mobile phone. It has some awesome features such as:
  • Add text note, take picture, import text message, add bookmarks to your library 
  • Organize text note, picture, bookmarks etc into lists 
  • Sync data with diigo.com 
  • Mark webpages as "read later" in desktop browsers, then read it on the phone