12 Excellent Creativity Resources for Teachers

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We want to share with you some of the articles I have curated and read about creativity, a topic of much relevance to us in education. Wehave collected these articles probably over a  period of 6 or 7 months but they are some of the best reads you can find online and we enjoyed reading every single line of them. You can bookmark them too and read them when you have time. Enjoy.

1- 100 Ideas That changed Art

2- Are We Wringing The Creativity out of our Kids ?

3- What Motivates Creativity ?

4- Creativity and Education: Why It Matters

5- Creativity Belongs to Children

6- The Social and Emotional Benefits of being Weirdly Creative

7- How to Turn your Classroom into and Idea Factory ?

8- Is Too much Familiarity too Bad for Creativity ?

9- How Creativity Connects with Immortality ?

10- Why We Reason ?

11- Creativity Requires Time

12- Study Reports Decline in Students Creativity