Excellent Audio Recording Apps for iPad

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1- AudioBoo

Audioboo is an application for recording and sharing your voice with the world. This free version allows you to create audio up to 3 minutes in length and post that to your own account on the web.....``

2-`iTalk Recorder

`` iTalk Recorder is a full-featured recording app with a streamlined and intuitive user interface. Press the big red button to record; press it again to stop.....``

3- Mobile Podcaster

`` Whether you podcast on a regular basis or simply want to add audio to your blog, Mobile Podcaster makes it easy to podcast, saves you significant time and makes podcasting much more enjoyable.....``

4- iPadio

`` Broadcast, record, play back and share high quality audio up to 60 minutes in length. Pause and resume recordings, add up to 4 high resolution photos and automatically geolocate your call.....``

5- Voice Recorder HD

`` Quick high quality audio recording, reliable, stunning interface plus easy to operate, "Voice Recorder HD" is a must have application for your iPad and iPhone. ...``

6- Audio Note

`` Record notes and audio synced with the best note taking app in the App Store! AudioNote combines the functionality of a notepad and voice recorder to create a powerful tool that will save you time while improving the quality of your notes. Perfect for business or students!........``

7- Sound Note

`` SoundNote is the best way to take notes in meetings, lectures, and interviews. It tracks what you type and draw while recording audio, so you'll never worry about missing an important detail. During playback, just tap a word: SoundNote will jump right to the proper time in the audio........``

8- Dragon Dictation

`` Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application powered by Dragon® NaturallySpeaking® that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages.....``

9- Audio Lio

`` Audiolio is perfect for bookmarking and adding notes to all kinds of audio: school lectures, interviews, podcasts, audio books, and more. ...``

10- Audio Memos

`` Audio Memos is a voice recorder for the iPhone and iPad. What you'll really like about Audio Memos, is that you can actually HEAR your recordings (try it and compare, you'll hear what we mean). It's also easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface....``

 11- Smart Recorder

`` Smart Recorder is the best audio recorder for the iPhone and iPad. Use it to record meetings, interview, lectures, classes, todo lists, shopping lists or even your kids voices.....``