A Great Tool to Add Speech Bubbles, Stickers, and Hyperlinks to your Videos

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Bubble Ply is a cool video annotation and personalization tool. It allows users to add a variety of effects to their videos and customize them the way they want.Bubble Ply is way better than  YouTube editing platform that we have talked about in an earlier post. It gives you more options to choose from and more tools to play with. You can use it to add to your videos: special effects, speech bubbles, stickers, chunks of text, and hyperlinks.

To start using Bubble Ply, you need first to install it. Once installed then you just need to :

  • head over to YouTube and select a video
  • Click the Bubble Ply button
  • Start adding stickers, photos, text, animated bubbles, hyperlinks and more
  • Once finished then share it with others
Watch this video to learn more about Bubble Ply :